health for all

vibi+® is more than just a beverage,
it’s a beverage on a mission.

Developed out
of necessity…

After a challenging health issue, vibi+®’s creator, Martin Ruette, was encouraged by his doctor to focus on healthier eating habits with an emphasis on a fiber-rich diet. He went about researching the positive impact of fiber on one’s overall health. Martin was an instant convert. Being a serial entrepreneur and curious soul, he began working on a new fiber drink. One that delivered a high percentage of daily fiber, while also tasting refreshingly great. And not just for himself, but to share with others, so they could experience the joy of feeling their best, too.

…shared out of
passion & purpose.

vibi+® took 12 years to develop, involving four countries. It’s a passion project, a labor of love. Made with natural ingredients, including prebiotic fiber that is 100% plant-based. But equally important, Martin has founded a company with a team of professionals focused on Fueling Health for All. This means more than simply producing a delicious, healthy beverage, it’s about making a difference: Educating people on the benefits of prebiotic fiber and healthy living. Building a future driven by a purpose that also advocates for the environment. ♥FR


To best take care of each other, we must first take care of Mother Nature. Our focus isn’t just on delivering delicious prebiotic hydration, but to do so in a way that’s environmentally and socially responsible.

vibi+® uses an innovative technology that allows us to use cold-fill processing versus the standard hot fill. This allows us to reduce the amount of plastic used by up to 40%. Translated for every 1MM bottles we sell we keep over 31K lbs. of plastic from being used. This is also part of the secret to our amazing taste profile.

Additionally, we are committed to ensuring our bottles go to recycling versus landfill by following the recommended guidelines. Sure, we’d love to wrap the entire bottle in our brand name and image, but if we did our bottles would be sent to landfill versus recycling.

  • Member of the How2Recycle® Program
  • Bottles Made with 100% Recycled Plastics
  • Committed to 25% Recycled Plastics by 2025
  • Top 17% Recyclable

Our commitment
to you:

We’re committed to helping you fuel your health by providing great-tasting, highly effective products enjoyed anytime, anywhere. Through education, we are increasing your knowledge on the importance of including prebiotics in your everyday choices and lifestyle.