The drink of
everyday champions.™

vibi+® [v-ih-bee+]
What Does it Mean?

Vibrant and refreshing. Vitamins plus prebiotics. Good vibes, full of life. Let’s just say yes, to all. vibi+® is here to help you in your pursuit of health + happiness. It’s empowerment in a bottle. And the perfect daily companion to your active lifestyle, delivering fresh taste, hydration and real health benefits.

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…and what are

Prebiotic fiber is responsible for feeding the good bacteria in your gut. Essentially, helping probiotic bacteria thrive, resulting in a balanced digestive system.

Probiotics aren’t fiber at all, they’re bacteria. This includes the good bacteria that exist in your gut, but in limited quantities. Which is why supplementing probiotics has become popular. That, and probiotics don’t particularly thrive well on their own without a little help.

Think of your gut as a garden.
Prebiotics are like the fertilizer,
while probiotics are the seeds.
Think of your gut as a garden.
Prebiotics are like the fertilizer,
while probiotics are the seeds.

Good Gut Health – It Doesn’t Happen Overnight

(but it’s well worth it!)

We’re passionate when it comes to promoting good gut health. It’s the pathway to helping fuel your overall health. And for us, fiber is the key to that success. But you have to start somewhere. Set goals. Stay committed. By introducing vibi+® into your routine, we can help make these ambitions easier to achieve.

Become the everyday champion of your own health:

*Always consult with your health care provider before making any strict changes to your diet.


Drink 50 to 68 ounces of water a day. Start slow, leave a glass of water next to your bedside and let that be the first thing you do in the morning. Of course, we encourage you to add a bottle of vibi+® to your day for refreshing, great-tasting prebiotic hydration.

Eat Better

Start by adding more fiber to your diet. Switch to cereals and oatmeal with berries for your morning meal. Add nuts and seeds as a midday snack. In the evening, consider brown rice and vegetables. That, and include vibi+® to your routine for 27% of your daily fiber needs.

Exercise Daily

You don’t need to become a competitive athlete, but you do need to get your body moving. Get on the path to your best self by dedicating 30 minutes a day to a brisk activity. Walk around the neighborhood, play fetch with your pooch, take the stairs, do squats while brushing your teeth…get creative in how you get active.

Get Good Sleep

You’ve heard this before, but getting good sleep…8 hours a night…is essential for your body to function at its best, and more importantly your brain needs it, too.

We are all made differently. You might see positive changes in a week, or a few days. Remember, you can change the composition of your gut in 21 days – so don’t give up.