Make Good Gut Health Your New Year’s Resolution

Every year around this time, there’s a growing anticipation to hit the ol’ reset button. You know, start anew with the new year.   

For many of us, it’s become tradition to make New Year’s resolutions, seeking to improve our life by changing unwanted habits, setting personal or professional goals, learning something new, focusing on our health — the list is endless.

If you haven’t thought about a resolution yet, how about making good gut health your resolution? See, good gut health isn’t just about your digestive health, it can help shape your overall health, too. Making positive changes to how you treat your gut impacts your immune system, organ function and mental well-being. 

So, what is good gut health exactly? Well, it’s having a diverse equilibrium of bacteria in your microbiome. When we consume prebiotic fiber, it feeds the good bacteria in our microbiome, creating a balance. This balance helps the good bacteria thrive and keep inflammation away, which in turn will help support a heathier immune system. It also affects your mental health, as well. 

While you might not be thinking of your gut, it’s thinking about you. Ever heard of the happy hormone? Serotonin, a.k.a. “happy hormone,” is mainly produced (95%) in our gut by our gut. Need to tone down your anxiety? Your gut has the power to increase the receptors of GABA (your calming hormone) in your brain. A healthy gut means healthy hormonal harmony.

Not a bad resolution suggestion, right? 

And yes, we know making a resolution and following through with it are two different things. The trick to making it happen here is to set yourself up for success. 

Here are a few things that can help you achieve good gut health

  • High Fiber Diet 
    Add fiber rich foods to your grocery list, like fruits and vegetables. Also consider substitutions: whole wheat instead of white, nuts and seeds instead of chips, vibi+® instead of soda.
  • Exercise
    Exercise can increase the number of microbes that produce butyrate. Butyrate is what fuels the cells in our gut, keeping it healthy and helping it regulate our immune system. Just 30 minutes daily is enough, and you would be surprised how quickly it goes by. 
  • Get Good Sleep
    You’ve heard this before, but it’s amazing what eight hours of sleep a night will do to you. 
  • Hydrate
    Your body needs water as much as it needs food. Get in your liquids.

To make it even easier for you, we’ve created a Check-Off Cheat Sheet to help you stay on top of your resolution.