Kombucha Fans: How can you benefit from prebiotics?

Kombucha Fans

Let’s talk kombucha, that wonderfully fermented beverage that is lightly effervescent, usually made with sweetened black or green tea. It contains probiotics, the good kind of bacteria, as well as yeast, delivering many great health benefits. That’s why kombucha has grown in popularity among health-conscious folks, becoming part of many daily routines.

If you consider yourself a kombucha enthusiast, you can benefit from also drinking prebiotic fiber. Prebiotics help increase the amount of good bacteria in your digestive system by helping probiotics thrive. Conversely, they also help decrease the number of bad bacteria, promoting bacterial balance and good digestive function.

See, in your large intestine there are millions, billions, even trillions of bacteria that are essential to your digestive health. There are good bacteria and bad bacteria, the ideal scenario for your digestive system is to have a balance of both. Probiotics, like in kombucha, are good bacteria and help promote that balance. However, like any living organism, those bacteria need to be fed. That’s where prebiotic fibers play a role. They essentially feed probiotics, giving them purpose in our digestive system. 

So, if you drink kombucha regularly, consider adding vibi+® into your routine, too. It will help give the probiotics in your kombucha a boost, further strengthening your digestive health.  

Consult your health care provider before making any strict changes to your diet.

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