Gut Check Project: #78 vibi+, Martin Ruette

You know the importance of fiber, right? So many digestive issues could be improved or even avoided with the right amount and type of fiber consumed. But where do you get enough? Can great tasting WATER actually be source of fiber? Martin Ruette is the founder of vibi+®.

In this episode Martin details his near-death experience from a perforated diverticulitis infection! Martin also discusses his long recovery and ultimately how it led to chronic digestive issues. Realizing that he needed more fiber he was in a constant struggle to consume enough fiber because of his digestive issues. He knew that he needed to find a solution in order to actually improve.

For the next 15 years he worked with scientists in Brazil, Europe, and the US to ultimately develop vibi+® water with a prebiotic called polydextrose. Join Ken and Martin as they discuss Martin’s WHY and PURPOSE to help others avoid what he went through. Ken also addresses how this prebiotic has been shown to improve microbial diversity, increase short chain fatty acids like butyrate, improve colitis and even help prevent colon cancer.