Big Shout Out to the Lone Star State

We talk a lot about fiber and how it’s one of the best things for your overall health because it has such an impact on your digestive health. But you know what else is good for your health? Socializing. COVID put a big dent in our social lives. And being social animals, we need interaction and camaraderie. This is why it was such a big deal for us to join our friends and supporters in the great state of Texas recently for two exciting health/wellness events.

First off, let’s talk about the Feel Good AF Wellness Festival in Dallas. The name alone brings a silly grin to our faces…an instant pick-me-up. We enjoyed a full day of activities and programs, including instructor-led dance, HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), Pilates, yoga and breath classes. As an event sponsor, we had the opportunity to connect with people, providing free samples of vibi+® throughout the day as well as handing out goodie bags to fans. It was amazing to see everyone’s reaction and hear their feedback after trying one of our delicious flavors. One comment, in particular, stood out to us, “it’s magic water.” Sounds right.

Next up, Cowtown Marathon in Fort Worth. To say we were running ninety to nothing all weekend long would be an understatement and we weren’t even in the marathon. We set up shop Friday and Saturday at the Health and Fitness Expo and in the “reunite area” on Sunday. People…people…people…everywhere. To give you a measure of scale, we handed out more than 13,000 bottles of vibi+®. Again, having the chance to interact with so many folks, hearing their own health journey stories, really had an impact on us. It was inspiring and motivating, reminding us that we’re on a good path to help people realize their health goals.  

As we look towards the future with COVID restrictions lifting, we’ll be planning more event sponsorships, in-store tastings and other activities that get us out and about, interacting with people. We certainly hope to cross paths with as many vibi+® fans and potential fans in the coming months. It really does feel good to be socializing, again.

So, thank you to our friends and supporters in the great state of Texas. We’ve had an awesome time meeting so many fans in person. Here’s to many more special moments to come. Cheers, ya’ll.